Available Oreo McFlurry Versions in the US, and Around the World


It’s not hard to understand why the Oreo McFlurry is a permanent fixture in your standard McDonald’s menu. You have your creamy soft serve vanilla ice cream, mixed in with the ever-popular crushed bits of Oreo Cookies. This is an old-time classic for obvious reasons. 

It’s not even all that expensive, either, considering the mouth-watering delight it offers to your taste buds. You can get your fix of Oreo McFlurry for less than 3 dollars in the US, on average. 

But you don’t have to limit your McFlurry fix to just the Oreo Cookie variant. If you live in the US, then you have other versions to try out. You may have to keep on watch when these versions are available, as they’re not always on the menu. But for adventurous souls, trying out these versions is hardly a sacrifice!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Many dans, including self-proclaimed experts, have dubbed the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup McFlurry as the best of them all. You get that special creamy and fluffy peanut butter taste to go fantastically with the soft serve. Unfortunately, this generally a limited item, and it comes and go on the menu. There are plenty of social media demands, though, that keep asking for its return.

Stroopwafel McFlurry

This Dutch treat was part of the Worldwide Favorites promo when it came out in the US in the summer of 2019. It features the stroop, which refers to the scrumptious caramel syrup filling that fills 2 thin layers of freshly baked dough. You also get the crunchy and chewy waffle cookies to go with that caramel. It’s absolutely perfect for dessert. 


The popularity of the Oreo variant of the McFlurry is that you get the smoothness of the soft serve ice cream as the backdrop for that little bit of crunch. That’s what you get with the Twix McFlurry as well, which uses Twix bars as the alternative to the Oreo cookies. You still get that delightful mix of cookie pieces with caramel and chocolate.

Snickers McFlurry

This seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Plenty of people like Snickers candy bars just as they like their Oreo Cookies. So surely, this makes sense.

Of course, it’s a nit impractical trying to mix an actual Snickers bar into the soft serve ice cream. McDonald’s solved that problem by simply deconstructing the Snickers and mixing in the various elements with the vanilla soft serve. 

So, you get your mix of caramel and chocolate along with the taste of peanut and nougat. It’s creamy, fluffy, gooey, crunchy, and definitely sweet. 

Nestle Butterfinger McFlurry

Again, you have that dependable mix of chocolate with peanut butter. What more can you ask for if you’re looking for a suitable dessert, after a heavy meal with burgers and fries? It also gives you that mix of crunchy and creamy you’re looking for, since Butterfingers are famously crisp.

Pralines & Cream 

In contrast to your typical candy McFlurry, this version comes with an unmistakable hint of class. You get that crunch from the sweet pecan pieces, coated with candy. There is also the terrific swirl of the buttery caramel. With its divine texture, this is quite a treat.

Rolo McFlurry

Plenty of adults today remember trying this version out when they were kids. It’s usually a limited variant that comes and goes. It went way in 2012, and then return after a long while in the summer of 2017, when plenty of people sure welcomed it.

Its return in 2017 also marked the time when McDonald’s changed their soft serve to make sure that it no longer contained any artificial ingredients. Maybe that’s one reason why it became so popular (it was “healthier” after a fashion). But then again, it’s also because of the creamy caramel and the sweet milk chocolate. 


This has been popular enough that it’s part of the standard McDonald’s menu along with the Oreo McFlurry. Who doesn’t like M&M’s, anyway? Mixing that old favorite with the vanilla soft serve just seems right.

However, when you order one, just finish it ASAP. The cold does funny things to the M&M’s. They can get frozen, and then you might wonder why you ended up with a chipped tooth if you’re not careful.

McFlurry Options Around the World

With travel restrictions slowly easing out, you may also be able to try out some of these variants. But they may be limited seasonal versions as well, so you’ll have to be lucky too. These include:

  • Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry (Canada and Australia)
  • Green Tea KitKat McFlurry (Philippines)
  • Green Tea KitKat McFlurry (Thailand)
  • Coconut Charcoal McFlurry (Indonesia)
  • Lime and Choc McFlurry (South Africa)

These are great countries to visit, though enjoying a McFlurry while seeing the sights is always a treat! 

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