Join the Ketogenic Diet Revelation: The 5 Best Butter for Keto Dishes

Wonder why the Kardashian sisters have those to-die-for bods? Surely by this time, you knew they are hooked into the ketogenic diet and you couldn’t wait to start today. Or if you are already a member of its increasing population and looking for some accurate, informative review on the best butter for the keto diet, we urge you to stay!


Keto diet or high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet has gained controversy in the medical field lately. Yet surprisingly, it is growing in popularity, not only as a way to lose weight but to cure some illnesses, too.

Consuming foods usually high in fats and low in carbohydrates, butter is a must that provides keto nutrition. Salted and unsalted are equally essential, with different purposes. The first is usually used to add flavor to keto recipes, while the latter is often to complete a fat-packed bulletproof coffee.

Since unsalted butter is usually used for bulletproof coffee, we are going to present our top 5 unsalted butter that come from five different nations to allow you to weigh in and understand your butter needs throughout your keto journey.

Bulletproof coffee gives it all. It is not your normal latte, but more. It is a high-performance drink that fuels your body. It also delays hunger and promotes mental attentiveness. Most of all, it gives you the ultimate nutrition that your body needs!

Nevertheless, unsalted butter may be utilized in your keto recipes too, like keto pancake, keto chicken, etc. After all, it all depends on your palate.

Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter - Unsalted (8 ounce)

Not only keto is perfect for this 100% grass-fed butter, but also suitable for vegetarians as it is made using microbial rennet. Ireland is known for fresh butter, as early as the 17th century. Blame it to its good soil, mild climate and moisture-bearing southwesterly wind, plus all the green grass that any cow would chew. It’s not called the Emerald Isle for nothing. As a result, these satisfied herd of cattle produce excellent milk that is later churned into exceptional butter.

This pure Irish butter has a desirable, unbelievable golden color that looks unreal because of its perfection, but is surely natural due to its beta-carotene present in the Irish grass consumed by the cows. It contains a high fat that goes well with bulletproof coffee. Additionally, its foil wrapper preserves the quality and freshness.


  • It contains high fat which is a primary requirement for a rich BPC
  • Made from grass-fed cows
  • Soft texture
  • Equally perfect for making other foods, or as a butter oil for frying
  • Rich flavor.


  • A little expensive.
Organic Valley, Organic Cultured Butter, Unsalted, 1 lb

This organic, cultured butter gives an extra rich and velvety homemade-like taste. It is free from synthetic hormones, antibiotics, toxic pesticides or GMO. It is rigorously churned to create a creamy and unique flavor everybody desires from a butter. The master butter makers from the manufacturer vow it is not easy to produce every batch, but promise its worth.

Its high fat content of 11g per 14g per serving is substantial to make a rich, high fat bulletproof coffee. So when you scoop 1 tablespoon of it and mix it on your BPC, you already got 11g, which is 15% of your daily fat requirement. So enormous, isn’t it? Like any others, it is also perfect for cooking foods like vegetables, chicken and meat, as well as a butter oil when frying. Storage is between 32degrees to 38 degrees F in a refrigerator to last up to four months, whereas, a temperature of -10 degrees to -20 keeps up to a year.


  • Versatile butter, can be mixed with any foods
  • Fresh and clean
  • Delicious aroma
  • Higher fat content.


  • Not so flavorful.
Anchor Butter New Zealand, Unsalted. Pack of 4

This 100% grass-fed butter is additive and hormone-free. It is produced from free range cows from the Land of the long white cloud, New Zealand. It has a unique savor that is perfect for any foods, from toasts to buttered chicken, and for bulletproof coffee too. Its two main ingredients, which are pasteurized cream and water, produced a realistic color that is also excellent for baking.

It gives 8 grams of your daily fat requirement when you take 1 tablespoon of it. Unlike the others, this butter is not made from cultured milk, which others say the reason why it is blander. Due to the origin country’s law, cows are raised under humane living condition 365 days a year. This means that they feed only on grass, which is proven to provide butter that is rich in Omega 3, beta carotene and Vitamin A.


  • Additives-free
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes from grass-fed cows
  • Packaging comes in organic plastic tubs.


  • Tangy-like taste or bland for others.
Allgau Grassfed German Butter Unsalted 8.8oz

For many decades, farm owners in Allgau, Germany raised their cow only grass and grass hay-fed. In return, they provided dairy products like cheese, milk, and butter with excellent quality and flavor. This butter is not an exception. Its yellowish color assures it 100%. It is pure, hormone-free, rBST-free that is perfect for baking, toasting, cooking and as a main ingredient for bulletproof coffee.

A delicious butter, which is well-packed when it arrives at your door, promises a rich and creamy finish for your dishes. As you unpack it, it greets you with a real butter aroma.


  • 100% grass fed
  • Hormone-free, rBST-free
  • Delicious taste
  • Versatile, can be used in any foods.


  • A little expensive.
Isigny Unsalted Butter (8.8 ounce)

France doesn’t solely produce wine, but aims to provide creamy and delicious butter, too. The history of this butter dates back to the 16th century. After 3 centuries in the 19th century, the population of Paris alone consumed a staggering 800 tons of butter a year! Isigny’s complete natural environment provides a perfect feeding habitat for cows that produce milk which is churned into butter. Mild and damp climate, which is located near the sea are just excellence for these herd to feed on grass rich in beta carotene, iodine, and trace elements.

The quality then is reflected in this finished product. It is yellow in appearance, with an obscure taste of hazelnuts. It is even rich in Vitamin A. It is hard to imagine this butter absent in our cup of BPC. Not even in our foods or bread.


  • Delectable tang
  • Yellow color guarantees its 100% grass-fed
  • Free from additives
  • Versatile, great for any foods including croissant.


  • Expensive.

What to Look For When Buying Butter for Keto?

What to Look For When Buying Butter for Keto?

You do not just buy things and foods, without a reason or two. When it comes to your beloved bulletproof coffee and keto foods, you don’t want to blend in or infuse some leftover butter in your fridge. Butter plays an important role in the taste, as well as the nutrition of your coffee.

In this section, you will be enlightened on what to look for when buying your butter.

1. Grass fed is still the best

So how do you know it is grass-fed? And what if it’s not? Normally, manufacturers include it on the packaging of the product which is also written in their website.

Grass-fed cows graze on fresh grass. They are allowed to forage on their foods. While they are probably given some substitutes like alfalfa during the winter season, the aim is to provide the closest natural diet for healthy benefits from the dairy products they produce. Compared to grain-fed, the first produces products that are richer in Omega 3 and B vitamins. The reason why some farmers opt for grains for their herd is it is higher in calories that forces quick growth, thus cheaper when sold and profit is faster.

2. Is it organic?

Organic-fed cows are not given hormones, antibiotics or not fed with grass with pesticides. But it doesn’t mean it’s purely grass. It could be corn or soy. Naturally, cattle feed from grasses. However, for the purpose of producing organic products like meat, milk, and butter, they are fed with soy and corn, which are pesticide-free. This results in the unbalanced ratio of omega 6 vs omega 3, which then leads to potential reduced anti-inflammatory functions.

Organic fed cows produce organic dairy products, which are free from pesticides, antibiotics, and hormone. This means then, that when you consume it, you are free from these toxins that may lead to health problems. So how do you know a certain brand is organic? Again, it’s specified by the producers in the packaging, and states it in their website.

3. Fat content

When you check each brand’s packaging, nutrition facts are well described. The ketogenic diet aims to increase the fat intake, a good one that is while lowering the carbohydrates. For old-time keto fanatics, bulletproof coffee is considered a meal. That is why, it is important to fully pack it with necessary good fat. And butter provides that. So you might as well go for butter that has the highest fat content.

Studies show that saturated fat, which is present in butter improves several medical conditions. It aids in the improvement of cardiovascular health, promotes stronger bones, and has the ability to protect the liver from medications and alcohol. Moreover, it is also essential in helping to relieve breathing difficulties, allow optimum brain functions and found to play a vital role in immune health.

4. Butter can be expensive

In our daily living, we purchase things that satisfy our needs. And in every single penny we spend, we want to make sure we get back its worth. Butter is no exception. Not only it is vital in your BPC, but it’s fundamental on your table, too. So, should you buy the most expensive one to get the most out of it?

Sometimes a butter is expensive because it comes with a shipping fee. Manufacturers come from different countries, and if you are unlucky and your favorite butter needs to be shipped miles away, then it comes with a price. Furthermore, the production cost is a factor, too.

Meanwhile, the most expensive ones may be delicious, which is what we seek for, it doesn’t mean it is for everybody. If you want a blander one, a cheaper variety is available. So, our answer to the question above is no. The first thing you need to do is understand your butter needs and look for one that meets them, which is not necessarily a high-priced one. Are you into sweetness? Does the aroma matter?

5. The color of butter matters

Butter comes from milk, which is white. Why is it yellow in color in the form of butter? Making it requires churning cream. In this process, the latter is agitated and the membrane breaks apart to expose the beta carotene. The butterfat, which is the most yellow separates from the buttermilk after such a process.

Grass-fed cows mostly provide yellowish butter. This is due to the beta carotene present in grasses. Whereas, organic-fed ones produce lighter shade that tells less beta carotene. Be cautious though, because some producers add coloring agents, usually annatto that gives a yellow-orange hue.

Finally, seeing a yellowish butter may raise our perception of taste. So if you have that kind of enjoyment, then you should seriously look into this factor the next time you’re shopping.


It is pretty hard to choose between two bests, but the Irish win this round over the French. The Kerrygold Pure Irish butter offers a delicious savor that anyone would want in their coffee, foods and bread. Though a little expensive, we don’t mind spending that extra buck because it satisfies our sweetness cravings from a butter.

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