The Best Containers for Freezing Soup Which You Can Buy Right Now!

A great soup is an absolute kitchen staple, and no family home is without a favorite soup recipe. During cold days or when someone is sick, a soup can be a lifesaver.


But to keep our tasty soups flavorful in the event that we don't gobble it all up, some form of preservation is needed. This is where freezer containers play an important role in keeping our soups fresh, clean, and safe.

However, a lot of thought should go into picking the right storage container before setting out to buy a product. Microwaves, freezers, and even stoves can make your new plastic soup container unsafe and even dangerous to use. It is essential to know the best products available and to know what they're made of.

So we've compiled a list for you to consider when buying a freezer container.

[48 Sets] 16 oz. Plastic Deli Food Storage Containers With Airtight Lids

This handy 48-Piece Food Storage Container Set gives you more value for money by giving you a generous supply of containers without breaking the bank! Coming in at a much cheaper price tag compared to others, Comfy Package provides Deli Containers without compromising quality. With each piece made from heavy-duty polypropylene plastic, Comfy Package's Deli Containers are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.

They also feature airtight, leakproof lids to keep your mind at ease should you bring them with you to your travels. Your delicious soup could not be in better hands with Comfy Package, as their Deli Containers are both safe and durable to use.

What’s more?

They’re even resistant to stain and odor, making your cleaning days a happy one with these in your kitchen. And at 8 oz. and 16 oz. variants per container, you're sure to keep your portions in check, especially if you are sticking to a diet goal.

Also made with your routine in mind, Comfy Package's Deli Containers can double as your travel container, food container, and to-go container to suit a mother's busy lifestyle. You can also stack them for secure storage in the pantry, freezer, or even during trips.

With all these features, there's no doubt that Comfy Package's Deli Containers are the best freezer storage containers out in the market now.


  • Significant value for money at 48pcs instead of the usual 24pc sets
  • Made from heavy-duty polypropylene plastic
  • 100% microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe
  • Stain and odor resistant, also very durable
  • Smaller serving portions for health conscious mothers
  • Stackable for easier storage solutions.


  • No obvious drawbacks.
Reditainer Extreme Freeze Deli Food Containers with Lids, 32-Ounce, 24-Pack


One of the more unique freezer food storage containers out in the market, Reditainer had initially developed the Extreme Freeze Food Container to use in flash freezing for food services.

These exclusive deli containers are built for withstanding sub-zero temperatures, particularly up to minus 40 degrees. Thanks to a precise blend of polypropylene, Extreme Freeze Containers can be left in these temperatures without becoming brittle, even for extended periods.

What’s the best part?

The thickness of the containers allows for a stable, non-spill storage system that securely holds your soups, sauces, creams, and other food items. It also comes with leak-proof lids, which means you never have to worry about cleaning up the floor should you drop it by accident. And at a very attractive price, these Extreme Freeze Deli Food Containers by Reditainer are hard to beat.

Reditainer's Extreme Freeze Deli Food Containers are also microwave and dishwasher safe, so you never have to worry about high-maintenance products or any unwanted kitchen disasters using the microwave. These Extreme Freeze Deli Food Containers come in a complete package of 24 pieces, so there's room for everything you need to store and keep safe until use for next time.


  • Fully protects frozen food
  • Comes in three sizes: 8oz, 16oz, and 32oz
  • Competitive pricing compared to other brands
  • Can withstand heavy-duty use and travel.


  • May stain when used in the microwave.
StarPack Premium Ice Cream Freezer Storage Containers - Set of 2 with Silicone Lids, for Ice Cream, Meal Prep, Soup and Food Storage

StarPack has produced amazing Premium Ice Cream Freezer Storage Containers at a much smaller asking price than expected. Being the premium item on this list, one would expect to spend a large amount of money.

But these stylish, elegant, and sturdy containers are not only affordable, but they are also freezer safe containers too! Each holding 1 Liter per container, this set will be able to store a lot of soup.

But apart from soup, it can also double as your partner in making your kids' favorite treat — ice cream! StarPack Products Premium Ice Cream Freezer Storage Containers are a high-quality storage solution that will let you enjoy your daily kitchen prep. It also features silicone lids that will never snap and are super easy to lift, even straight out of the freezer.

These containers are very durable and will last for years with proper care. You can re-use them as many times as you need without becoming brittle or getting leaks. Busy kitchens always need to reheat, wash, and freeze over and over again, all of which these Premium Ice Cream Freezer Storage Containers can handle.

So there's no need to be worried about the usual wear and tear, because this great container can manage all your needs.


  • Stores more in weight compared to other brands
  • Comes with bonus Cooking Tips PDF valued at $5.95
  • Comes with Full StarPack Warranty
  • A more stylish and elegant design compared to others.


  • Only comes in a two pack
  • Bulkier than others.
DuraHome - Deli Food Storage Containers With Lids 32 Ounce, Quart Pack of 24 - Plastic Microwaveable Container

DuraHome has produced a top contender in this list of the Best Containers in the market with these heavy-duty, budget-friendly Deli Food Storage Containers.

Giving moms 24 clear plastic containers to store, prepare, and carry food in, they are made out of clear plastic, so we can see what's inside them. Ideal for packing in picnic baskets, lunch boxes, and even gym bags, these 32oz. containers are great for storing leftover soups for use when we need.

Apart from soups, they can also carry yogurts, salads, sauces, trail mix, and other snacks. DuraHome Deli Food Storage Containers are also great freezer containers for food since they've been designed to withstand freezing temperatures for long periods.

If you need to store more food, then these are your new BFFs, since they can be stacked together to save space, and have interchangeable lids to fit both the 8oz. and 32oz. containers.

DuraHome Deli Containers are also dishwasher safe for use on the top rack, and microwave safe, just by removing the lid. Outside the kitchen, these containers are also useful for storing other home items including toys, arts and crafts, nails, screws, and other small trinkets you have lying around.


  • Restaurant quality take out containers
  • Containers are clear for viewing what's inside
  • Cheaper than most
  • Can be used for storage outside the kitchen.


  • Can be cracked under pressure, e.g. delivery.
Elacra Glass Food Storage Containers [6-Pack, 28oz] - Glass Meal Prep Containers with Airtight and BPA-Free Locking Lids - 6 Glass Storage Containers & 6 Blue Lids

Elacra Glass Food Storage Containers are the answer to our prayers. Unlike the poor quality glass food containers we're accustomed to, Elacra Glass Food Storage Containers won't break easily or shed glass on your food.

They offer a safer and more convenient way to store your food inside the freezer without any worries. They have also aimed for a top-quality, BPA-free approach to their containers, ensuring that health and safety are the top priority.

Another powerful feature is their airtight, leakproof containers that will make all our food prepping dreams come true. Pack your meals for school or work, store leftovers, or grab a snack while on the go, these containers will keep your food inside even when you're on the move.

Health and freshness go hand in hand with its high-quality lid to keep food from spoiling. And with such great freezer containers for soup, you'll be able to enjoy your soup dishes fresher for longer.


  • Very sturdy glass build
  • More eco-friendly compared to plastic containers
  • Dishwasher and Oven safe (without lid)
  • Glass is high-quality and thick.


  • The lid can be vulnerable to cracks.

Best Freezer Safe Plastic Container Buying Guide

Best Freezer Safe Plastic Container Buying Guide

Aside from being kitchen staples, containers are swiftly making their use spread outside of the usual soup and food storage. From plastics to glass, more and more choices are becoming available in the market, each with its own unique and innovative designs.

And from what we've seen, there are plenty of options for buying your next freezer containers for soup, but there's no need to be overwhelmed. Rather than going off to the next sale or the dollar shops at the corner, consider these critical factors to determine what your needs are in the kitchen.

This way, you can make an informed decision on what you are spending your money on, without feeling that guilt of buying something that didn't serve its purpose.

Let’s check out!


Everybody says theirs is the best, but how can we know that? Finding the big BPA approval sign on every plastic product is a big plus, but it's not enough. Quality also pertains to its value for money, if all pieces are as good as each other and if it fits our needs.

Quality items will have a certain amount of time before having to replace it, this is true of any material, whether it is made of plastic or glass. If it's labeled to be reusable, then those particular freezer meal containers should be able to last more than a couple of uses before needing replacement.

Products of high quality will not crack, break, or melt quickly unless put through high pressure. So, if your plastic looks flimsy, brittle or soft, then its quality may already be compromised and may not be suitable for heavy-duty use or general use at all. Before buying an item that claims to have excellent quality materials, ask the seller and see where they ship the product from, what materials were used in making it and ask if it comes with a warranty. Sellers would always provide a warranty for all their quality products unless it's a fake.


Every product will have an array of features to help it stand out from the crowd. Ensure that the product you buy has the right features you need. Purchasing a product that can cater to everything you need may seem impossible, but some work better for you than others.

A plastic container may not be as practical or versatile as a glass container. Depending on your usage, your next purchase could be a huge win or an epic fail. Especially for busy moms, it might be a good idea first to list down the reasons why you need a specific product. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Will I use the container for ovens?
  • Do I need a reusable container or just a disposable container?
  • Will I use it for events, picnics, kitchen storage, snack pack at work, gym, etc.
  • Does it have to stack neatly on top of one another?
  • Does my budget matter for this purchase?
  • Are there eco-friendly options available to me?
  • How long do I intend to use it?

Once you can answer those questions, you can then narrow down your options to the products that best suit your needs.


Safety is by far, one of the essential aspects of looking for a product. Consider how safe is the product that you intend to buy. Is it safe for kids, adults, and general use? Are there parts that may be hazardous, or are there safety features included?

Thankfully, most of the products listed above are freezer safe plastic containers, except for one which is made of glass. However, keep in mind what you will use the containers for. If you intend to leave them in the freezer for extended periods or if you'll be using them in the oven.

Always remember that your safety and the safety of those who intend to use the product are of the utmost importance. Most (if not all) freezer storage products will come with a manual. Keep it handy just in case you need to read specific details about use and safety to make sure you are always on top of everything.

A Final Word

And that wraps it up, five great products for many soup recipes to come in the future. And with so many quality products to choose from, busy people don't have the time to hunt down that perfect container.

Our overall top pick is the Comfy Package's Deli Containers for its general value for money, material safety, and convenience for anyone who needs to store and reheat frozen soup.

And speaking of soup, check out our post about the best potatoes for soup!

As usual, feel free to write your questions or suggestions in the comments section below. Bye for now!

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