Best Ninja Blender Reviews 2020: Top 5+ Recommended

Ninja blenders are considered one of the newest innovations in the food processing and blending industry.


This type of blender features advanced technology and unparalleled speed and power. Also, the Ninja blenders are versatile as they cater to a wide array of roles in a regular household.

In fact, Ninja blenders do not only crush ice but also grind up nuts and seeds, make smoothies, and blend and puree soups. Due to its versatility, a ninja blender will definitely be a very useful tool in your own kitchen.

However, Ninja blenders come in various makes and models and some have more features than others. Thus, it is important to take some time considering the best ninja blender that would suit your needs and preferences.

Versatile Functions


A ninja blender can be used for several functions, which makes it a perfect addition to your kitchen. Some models come with different blades that can puree, chop, blend and make dough.

Patented Blade Technology


This type of blender comes with a 4-blade or 6-blade technology which offers even processing of foods throughout the container. Also, the blades are sharp, well-designed, and powerful.

Container Variety


Most ninja blenders offer a wide array of containers including pitcher size, bowl size, and on-the-go jar sizes.

Fast and Reliable


Ninja blenders are high powered devices that can slice through food and process it efficiently in just seconds.

Consistent Blending


Depending on the model, most ninja blenders can consistently blend and process food. In fact, most ninja blenders create smooth and silky purees and smoothies.

Picking the Right Ninja Blender for Your Needs

​If you are looking forward to picking the best ninja blender, you should consider several factors.

Watts and Performance

The wattage of the blender's motor is an important factor that would determine the smoothness of the smoothies you make. If you are looking forward to creating finer drinks and smoothies, you should consider getting a blender with a powerful motor which is about 1,000 watts.

However, if you do not mind having drinks that are a little chunky, you can opt for a ninja blender with a lower wattage, which can range from 400 to 700 watts. Also, lower wattage blenders have additional benefits as they are cost effective.

Size of Cups

For some, this factor may not be significant, especially if only a few people uses the machine.

However, if you are looking forward to creating smoothies and purees for your entire family, getting a blender that offers bigger sized cups and container may just be the best option for you. This way, you can create smoothies and drinks in one batch for you and your loved ones.


Another important factor to consider in choosing a ninja blender would be its container. Containers may be made from plastic or glass.

Unlike glass containers, plastic containers are lightweight and are less prone to breaking. However, this material can absorb stains and odors. Thus, prompt washing after each use is essential.

Also, you should consider getting a container with a wider opening for easier loading and cleaning. Lastly, you should check and make sure that blender comes with easy-to-read measurements on the container.


Storage is one of the factors that you should consider, especially if storage and counter space in your kitchen is scarce.

In fact, if you have a small kitchen, getting a large and bulky ninja blender will become a problem. In this case, you can look for ninja blenders with a compact design so storage will not become a problem.


This factor is one of the top considerations you should think about when picking the best ninja blender.

In most cases, high-priced ninja blenders offer more features. However, you can also find decently priced ones that will do just fine in providing you with what you need in terms of versatility and performance.

Comparing the Different Types of Blenders

​Comparing the different blender types is essential in determining the best ninja blender that would suit your needs and preferences. Here are the different types of blenders.

High Performing Blenders


This type of blender is designed with powerful motors along with fast-spinning blades. This device is ideal if you are looking forward to creating silky smoothies, fiber-packed fruit juices, frozen drinks, hot soups, and purees. In fact, some high performing blender models can whip up ice cream.

Conventional Blenders


This type of blender are less expensive and are best for blending tasks that require lower intensity like creating milkshake and fruit smoothies.

Personal Blenders


This type of blender is not ideal for hardcore blending tasks and is usually best for people who like to make power shakes and smoothies on the go. In fact, the mixing containers of this type of blender often can double as a travel jar.

Top 5 Best Ninja Blender Reviews

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1. Nutri Ninja Blender System with Auto-iQ (BL682)


This ninja blender is definitely one of the best ones available in the market today. With its auto-IQ feature, you are guaranteed intelligent blending and processing every time you create your smoothies, drinks, and purees at home.

With this blender’s powerful motor at 1500 watts or 2 horsepower capacity, you will experience professional blending and processing performance and strength right at your home.

Not just that, this blender also ensures that the nutrients and vitamins from the fruits and vegetables you process or blend are intact, creating that nutrient-rich smoothies and drinks for you and your family.

Also, this blender offers a 64 ounces maximum liquid capacity which is definitely perfect for creating large batches of drinks, dips, spreads, and smoothies.

What We Like​

  • Efficiently grinds coffee beans
  • Comes with a powerful motor
  • Auto-IQ feature for one-touch blending and processing
  • Designed with controls that are user-friendly
  • Volume measurements on container are easy to read
  • 64 ounces maximum liquid capacity

What We Didn't Like

  • Manual pulse only comes in one setting
  • Lid may be difficult to put on or pull off
  • Moderately loud during operation

2. Ninja Professional Blender (BL660)


The Ninja Professional Blender is definitely one of the high performing Ninja blenders in the market today with its 1100 watts of power.

Not just that, this blender also features total crushing blades that can crush and blend frozen fruits in just seconds, ensuring a controlled and smoothing processing. With its XL capacity, this blender can be used in making creamy and frozen smoothies and drinks for you and your loved ones.

Also, this blender comes with 16 ounces Nutri Ninja cups that come with to-go lids, enabling you to make that healthy smoothies and drinks on the go.

For safety and easy cleaning, this blender feature BPA-free and dishwasher safe materials.

What We Like​

  • High-performance speed running with 1100 watt motor
  • Comes with three-speed options and pulse feature
  • Easy and user-friendly push button for all blending and processing options
  • All parts are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe
  • Multiple cup options for small and large batches

What We Didn't Like

  • Single serve containers may be too small for some users
  • May leak if pitcher is not properly mounted

3. Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770)


With this Ninja Blender, you are guaranteed professional blending performance and power right in your own home. This blender feature a 2 horsepower motor that can handle almost any processing and blending tasks in seconds. In fact, this blender is perfect for food processing, frozen blending along with other blending tasks.

Also, this blending is equipped with Total Crushing technology that can pulverize and crush fruits and vegetables and ice in just seconds.

Along with its powerful motor, you will get an oversized 72-ounce pitcher, 8 cup processor bowl, and several Nutri Ninja cups.

What We Like​

  • Designed with a powerful motor
  • Equipped with Total crushing technology
  • Comes with single serve containers which are perfect for smoothies-on-the-go
  • Blades can be removed for easy washing
  • Comes with safety lid

What We Didn't Like

  • May not process fibrous foods well
  • Food particles may lodge in the lid of the blender

4. Nutri Ninja Auto iQ (BL482)


This Nutri Ninja blender definitely makes your blending tasks easier and simpler. With auto-IQ technology, this blender is designed with an intelligent program to make blending more efficient. Also, this blender comes with a powerful 1000 watt motor.

Not just that, this blender also offers other features including timed pulsing, pausing patterns and timed blending. You can choose the right options that would suit your needs and preferences.

Also, this blender comes with BPA-free Nutri Ninja cups with sip and seal lids and Nutri-Ninja pro extractor blades.

What We Like​

  • Comes with three variable sized cups with sip and seal lids
  • Powerful and high performing motor at 1000 watts
  • Features Auto-IQ technology
  • BPA-free and dishwasher safe
  • Perfect for creating healthy smoothies and drinks on-the-go

What We Didn't Like

  • Moderately noisy during operation
  • Container is too small to create large batches of blended food

5. Ninja Master Prep (QB900B)


This Ninja Blender may just be the toughest one in the market, as this blender can handle the toughest food processing tasks. In fact, this blender can crush ice in just seconds. Also, this blender can evenly chop vegetables and create smoothies out of frozen fruits in just seconds.

This blender also features a 16-ounce bowl and a 48-ounce pitcher for easy switching in creating small and large batches of purees, soups, and smoothies.

What We Like​

  • Container is spacious even after the blades are placed
  • Each container comes with its separate lid
  • Powerful and efficient
  • Easy to clean
  • Fast and reliable blender

What We Didn't Like

  • Not all parts are dishwasher safe
  • Takes up space for storage because it comes with numerous parts
  • Moderately loud during operation

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The Bottom Line

Ninja Blenders are the rising stars in the food processing and blending industry. If you are fond of creating healthy smoothies, investing in this type of blender may just be right for you.

Before purchasing any blender, it is best to take your time to find the best ninja blender for your needs. Based on the reviews provided above, the clear winner of this review roundup is the Nutri Ninja Blender System with Auto-iQ (BL682).

This Ninja Blender is not only powerful but also efficient in delivering exceptional blending and processing tasks right in your own kitchen. Also, you get to make large batches of purees and smoothies for the entire family.

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