Top Seven Health Benefits of Feta Cheese

Top Seven Health Benefits of Feta Cheese

Are you a cheese lover? If you are, then you are in for a treat. The great thing about cheese is that not all types of cheese are bad for you. In fact, you can opt to eat the healthiest cheese out there, which is feta cheese.

Cheese can be added to many dishes to bring about a savory and delicious flavor. However, with the increasing popularity of processed dairy, many people tend to avoid it because it is often considered unhealthy, especially those who are adhering to a healthy dietary regimen.

It is important to note, however, that certain types of cheese are considered a healthier option. That said, feta cheese is regarded as the healthiest type of cheese.

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How Much Juice Is In One Lemon? The Surprising Answer Revealed

Whether you’re on a diet or cooking a scrumptious meal for your family and friends, you’re going to have to ensure that you have the exact measurements of your ingredients to avoid destroying its taste and flavor.

With that being said, it can get quite difficult estimating the amount of juice in certain fruits, such as lemons! You may have probably wondered: How much juice is in one lemon?

Instead of guesstimating, read on as I show you the amount of juice a lemon yields!

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Best Offset Smoker Reviews 2018: Top 5+ Recommended

If you are serious about cooking mouth-watering and juicy barbecue then you should definitely consider buying an offset smoker.

Offset smokers are often considered as ‘traditional’ smoker because this type of smoker can produce delicious and slow cooked meat. These devices are perfect for those who want perfectly cooked barbecue as it can cook large batches of meat, inexpensive and simple to operate, and can actually last a lifetime when properly maintained.

An offset smoker look relatively the same as normal grills. They are often crafted as barrels that are positioned horizontally with opening where you can put your food. So, what makes these devices into an offset smoker? These devices come with a side box that is offset from the primary cooking chamber.

The side box is where you place the charcoal is placed and the fire is housed. When smoke is created as you light your charcoal, it is drawn into the primary cooking chamber and cooks your meat. This type of smoker also has built in chimney for air to flow and this is also where excess smoke passes through and out of the cooking chamber.

Since there are different models of offset smokers available in the market today, finding the best one may be difficult. However, we have made the task easier for you. Here is a review of the best offset smokers in the market today. Read on to find out which one suits you best.

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Best Smoker Thermometer Reviews 2018: Top 5+ Recommended

If you are trying to smoke food without a reliable and accurate smoker thermometer, then you are most likely heading for a disaster. In fact, it is next to impossible to produce perfect smoked food when you cannot keep the temperature of your grill or smoker consistent.

While most smokers are not equipped with a built-in thermometer, they are often unreliable which will only lead to disappointment when are only able to produce dry, overcooked meat.

The good thing is that you can avoid all the fuss and produce perfectly smoked and delicious meat with the use of the best smoker thermometer.

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Best Electric Smoker Reviews 2018: Top 5+ Recommended

Smoking foods may not require you to be a master in the kitchen but it still needs a little bit of hard work, as you need to adjust the heat and fuss over the smoke levels to cook sumptuous smoked food. However, if you lack that devotion, you can still enjoy delicious smoky food with the help of the best electric smoker.

Electric smokers offer convenience as it can take a lot of work out of the entire smoking process. It can automatically monitor and regulate temperature during the long smoking process.

Since electric smokers come with various features, sizes and design, it is best that you consider your options and choose the smoker carefully based on your needs and preferences.

To make it easier for you, here are the top electric smokers in the market today.

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Best Charcoal Smoker Reviews 2018: Top 5+ recommended

Most people love to boast about expertly cooking with charcoal. After all, this cooking technique is more than just flipping hotdogs and burger patties, over hot charcoal, as it requires a little bit of skill, determination, and mastery to work along with the right tools and equipment.

Those who are fond of cooking with charcoal knows how crucial it is to have the best charcoal smoker to make the task easier, more convenient, and considerably more fun.

If you are new to charcoal cooking, you will most likely be confused when choosing a charcoal smoker, as there are numerous options available in the market. To make it easier for you, we have reviewed the best of the best charcoal smoker devices in the market. Read on to find out which device suits you best.

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Best Induction Cookware Reviews 2018: Top 5+ Recommended

Induction cooking is entirely different compared to the conventional gas cooking and electric cooking. Since induction cooking works differently, only specific types of pans will work on an induction stove or burner.

That said, it is essential to use the right kind of pots and pans. But, how would you know if your cookware set is up for the job? There are various things to consider to make sure that you are buying the right type of pots and pans.

Before we review the best induction cookware sets in the market, let us first take a look at what makes induction cooking different from other cooking methods.

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Copper Chef XL Reviews – Is this the Your Ultimate Cookware Set?

Are you looking for the ultimate pan that can replace all your other pots? The Copper Chef XL is designed to do just that.

From your stovetop to oven to your tabletop, the Copper Chef XL will outperform every time. With this pan’s great features, impressive heat distribution, and non-stick Cerami-Tech coating, you can create the healthiest dishes and let it slide right off the pan.

Copper Chef XL square pan can be used in just about any cooking method in your kitchen. That said, it can be used as a sauté pan, a steamer, a deep fryer, a slow cooker, a baker, and a roaster among others. This cookware set even comes with a fry basket that makes deep frying your favorite deep-fried foods easier and straightforward. This basket also doubles as a pasta cooker or strainer, which eliminates the need for a colander.

When you are thinking about baking or roasting, this pan works as well. You can oven roast your dishes with the Copper Chef XL square pan, as it can withstand a temperature reading of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are cooking for a large batch of food, this pan can help you out, as you can fit about 5 pounds of roast in it.

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Best Sharpening Stone Reviews 2018: Top 5+ Recommended

It cannot be denied that dull tools can be quite annoying and infuriating. It can even affect your work performance and results.

If you have ever worked with tools like knives, you know the importance of having a sharp tool. But, over time, even the sharpest knives can become dull. To sharpen blunt tools and knives, the perfect solution comes in the form of the best sharpening stone.

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How To Season A Red Copper Pan: Learn The Ways

A Red Copper Pan is a great tool that offers various benefits that ultimately make your cooking more comfortable and more convenient. That said, many people are joining the hype and bought one for their kitchen.

So, what makes the red copper pan different from your regular pots and pans? This type of cookware is lightweight and designed with non-stick coating. You can cook your food thoroughly and healthily without oil or butter. At the same time, you do not have to worry about food sticking to the surface of the pan.

Also, cleaning this pan is also made easier without the additional scraping and scratching.

Like with other types of kitchenware, it requires additional know-how for the pan to work its best. You need to season your pan to ensure that it can cook reliably and consistently. But, how do you do this?

Read on to find out the proper way of seasoning your red copper pan.

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Magic Bullet Vs Nutribullet – The Battle of the Best Blenders of Today


If you are looking forward to introducing more fruits and vegetables into your diet or creating nutritious drinks to supplement your daily workout routine, a blender is a good investment. Both the magic bullet and Nutribullet do a fantastic job when it comes to creating nutritious and healthy drinks.

This article, however, goes into a little more depth about these specific blenders, which should help you decide which ones suit you best.

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Best 4 Slice Toaster Reviews 2018: Top 5+ Recommended


Many people may not know this, but it can take about three and a half minutes to toast a slice of bread using an average toaster. That being said, if you needed to serve two slices of toast to two people, you will need to wait for about 7 minutes and 12 seconds for all four slices of bread to be ready, assuming that you are using the regular two slice toaster.

With the best 4 slice toaster, on the other hand, your toasts will be ready and good to go twice as fast.

Since there are different makes and models of a 4 slice toaster available in the market, finding the best one can be quite difficult. To make it easier for you, I have gathered the top five of the best 4 slice toaster in the market today. Read on to find which one suits you best!

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Pepperoncini Vs Banana Pepper: Learn The Difference

Pepperoncini Vs Banana Pepper

If chilies can have a twin, then there is a solid reason to think that the banana pepper and pepperoncini were a typical example.

In fact, pepperoncini are often confused with banana peppers. Even though both come from the same species known as Capsicum annuum, they have a few main differences.

This article will help you identify and differentiate pepperoncini from a banana pepper so you will be able to use them correctly in cooking to get the required taste and flavor.

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Vitamix 5300 Vs Vitamix 7500: The Battle of the Best Blender in the Market


I bet, everyone has heard about healthy lifestyle and the ways on how you can achieve it. In fact, everybody is trying not just to be emotionally fit but also physically fit.

If this is your lifestyle goal, then you know that you will need a reliable blender to achieve your healthy living goals. With the right device, you can create not only healthy smoothies, shakes, and juices but also delicious ones.

When searching for the right blender, you probably have come across Vitamix blenders and that they are considered a powerhouse blender. Vitamix blenders come in different makes and models that meet everyone’s needs.

This article about the two top Vitamix blenders, Vitamix 5300 vs 7500, will guide you in choosing the right blender that would suit your needs and preferences.

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