Can You Freeze Goat Cheese? Let’s Find Out The Truth And How It’s Done!

Goat cheese is one of the most favorite types of cheese and comes in different varieties and sizes. There are even unique tastes and textures of goat cheese.


This type of cheese is a culinary delight and dietary staple in Greece and the Mediterranean countries. However, many people from all over the world have learned to love the unique taste it offers, making this a favorite addition to favorite dishes and recipes.

The addition of goat cheese to dishes like ravioli, Greek salad and pizza adds a sharp and tangy flavor to the dish. For this reasons, you certainly do not want to waste this delectable delight when you have more than you can use.

That being said, a lot of people have asked the question – can you freeze goat cheese? If you have wondered the same thing, read on and let’s find out.

Can You Freeze Goat Cheese?

Goat cheese is made from goat milk. This is available in a soft or spreadable form and hard or log type. This is a healthier option compared to the other types of cheese.

It has loads of benefits including the following:

Low-Fat Content

This kind of cheese is considered a low-fat alternative to regular cheese. It contains less saturated fats and cholesterol.

Fewer Calories

It also contains fewer calories compared to the other types of cheese. In fact, if you substitute your regular cheese with goat cheese in your diet, you can reduce your caloric intake by 200 to 300 calories.

Ideal for Lactose Intolerance

For those who are lactose intolerant, goat cheese is a great option as it contains lower amounts of lactose.

Low Sodium Content

This type of cheese contains less sodium than your regular cheese. Excessive sodium can lead to chronic conditions that are potentially fatal like stroke and heart attack.

Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

This type of cheese contains more vitamins and minerals compared to cow cheese. In fact, this cheese is specially rich in vitamins A, D, and K. Also, it contains vitamins B like riboflavin, niacin, and thiamine.

Rich in Calcium

Goat cheese has greater calcium content compared to cow cheese. Calcium is essential as it helps strengthen the teeth and bones in the body.

With all the great benefits that you get from goat cheese, you may want to consider adding it to your diet. But, it is essential to know whether or not you can freeze it to save it up for later use.

​So, Can You Freeze Goat Cheese?


Yes, you can freeze goat cheese, both the spreadable and the log variety. However, certain methods must be followed to store it properly and make it last for a longer period.

However, if your goat cheese looks moldy and bloated, you should not go ahead with the freezing process.

Fresh goat cheese is not aged very long, and it has a creamy appearance with a mild and salty flavor. Once refrigerated, it will become hard and chalky as it ages.

Compared to other dairy products, this type of cheese has lower fat, calorie, and cholesterol content. Also, it has more calcium and fewer carbohydrates compared to other cheeses.

The Freezing Process

As with any other food item that you freeze, you must properly wrap, label, and thaw goat cheese. Also, you must use it within the first few months of freezing to ensure great texture and flavor.

Freezing Spreadable Goat Cheese


When freezing spreadable goat cheese, you should leave it in its original container. Place a plastic wrap over the spread itself and put the lid of the container to seal it. This method will prevent freezer burn and will also prevent bacterial exposure and contamination.

Once it’s properly sealed, you can move the container into the freezer and make sure to label it with the date using a permanent marker. The date allows you to keep track of how long the goat cheese has been freezing for.

Freezing Solid Block or Log Goat Cheese


Before you freeze a log goat cheese, you should decide first if you want to freeze the entire log or you want to cut it into several pieces and freeze them individually.

If you want to freeze them individually, you should wrap a double layer of plastic wrap over each piece to prevent freezer burn. Then, you should place each piece in separate freezer bags and put them in the fridge.

Also, it is important that you remove excess air in the freezer bag and label them individually with the date using a permanent marker.

Freezing both spreadable and log cheese should be done no longer than two to three months.

The Thawing Process


When you are ready to use the goat cheese, you have to thaw it properly.

For the spreadable type, you have to remove it from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator for about 24 to 48 hours. When it is defrosted and thawed out, you can remove the plastic wrap and stir it to maintain its creamy texture while removing the excess water that may have appeared during the thawing process.

On the other hand, if you are thawing the log type, the process is more or less similar. You can place it in the refrigerator for several hours for the thawing process to take place. Since they tend to have a softer exterior and a crumbly interior after thawing, you can use it best to crumble over salads and other similar dishes.

The Bottom Line

The answer to the question of whether or not goat cheese can be frozen is a resounding yes. However, it is always important to note that there are proper ways on how this can be done to ensure that it will not go rancid easily or its flavor and texture is retained even after being frozen.

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With proper freezing preparation and thawing process, you can serve up your frozen goat cheese or add it to your sumptuous meals and dishes. Also, it is important to note that it must not be frozen longer than three months.

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