Can You Freeze Potato Salad? Learn The Truth And Do It The Right Way!

A lot of people love potato salad. Are you one of those people who love nibbling on this dish every time you feel hungry?


If you are one of them, you’ll be glad to know that this dish is super easy to make and one of the best ways to cut out cravings for food. In fact, if you add a bit of mayonnaise with buttermilk and celery, your potato salad will definitely be hard to resist.

In a little as ten minutes, you can create a refreshing potato salad. But there are times when you make more than what you can actually consume. Many people ask the question – can you freeze potato salad?

If you wondered the same thing, read on to find out.

can you freeze potato salad

Yes, you can freeze salad. However, there are tips and tricks that can make freezing potato salad a success. You have to remember that some of the ingredients in your salad like celery, eggs, and mayonnaise is tricky to freeze and will curdle when frozen too long.

Here are some tips and tricks that you must follow from the preparation to the freezing process of potato salads.

Properly Preparing and Cooking Potato Salads


Before you can successfully freeze potato salads, you must first learn how to cook it right. It is important to note that getting the desired results will boil down on properly cooking the salad. This is often neglected by many people, often resulting in horrible outcomes in the end.

The first thing that you need to do is to select the right type of potato for your salad. In fact, waxy potatoes like the red bliss or fingerling are considered the best kinds, as they last longer when refrigerated. This is because this type of potato has less starch and they often remain in shape even when cooked.

In boiling potatoes, you should not add them to boiling water. Instead, you should place them in cold water first then bring them to boil at a high temperature. Once you reach boiling point, you should reduce the heat and simmer the potatoes until they are fully cooked.

This method often results to perfectly cooked potatoes, which are soft yet firm enough for freezing.

Once the potatoes are cooked and ready, you should season them right away. You should season them with salt while they are being boiled. By doing this, your potatoes will have rich flavors and its edibility will last longer.

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If you intend to freeze potato salads for a long time, you should opt for commercial mayonnaise instead of homemade mayonnaise. Commercial mayonnaise tends to last longer compared to homemade mayonnaise when frozen.

Freezing Potato Salads for Parties


It is possible to freeze potato salads for up to seven days only if they are freshly made and are stored right away after making.

However, if you are making potato salads for parties and leave it at room temperature for about two to three hours, you should not refrigerate or freeze the salad. At this time, the salad may already have accumulated bacteria that can contaminate the rest of the food stored in your refrigerator.

Proper Way of Freezing Potato Salads


If you are planning to freeze your potato salad for a week, you should freeze the salad immediately after making them. The potato salad will survive for about this long if they do not absorb any moisture. In fact, the less moisture the salad absorbs the longer the period it will stay in good shape.

For this reason, it is ideal to use quality sealable freezer-safe bags that should keep the salad away from any moisture contact. You can also use airtight containers to freeze your potato salads. This type of containers is more hygienic and should be able to freeze the salad for a longer period of time.

When using airtight containers, you should not overfill the container. You should leave some space for the salad to expand. After that, you can tightly seal the container and store it in the freezer.

You should label the container with the date it was stored in the refrigerator. This should help you determine the number of days of edibility of the frozen potato salad.

Dressing Your Potato Salad the Right Way


Dressing your salad the right way will enable them to freeze for a longer period.

When it comes to dressing your potato salad, the key thing that you have to note is the temperature. If you are using mayonnaise, you should add the dressing when the potatoes are at low temperature or preferably cold.

You should prepare and cook the potatoes properly and allow them to cool for about thirty minutes before dressing.

However, if you are using vinaigrette dressing, you should dress the potatoes at warm temperatures. In fact, hot potatoes will work just fine with vinaigrette as they absorb the seasoning perfectly without getting oily.

Opting for Fresh Frozen Potato Salad

can you freeze potato salad

Yes, you can definitely enjoy fresh frozen potato salad every time you fish them out of the fridge. In this case, you have to keep the ingredients of the potato salad separate when you freeze them.

Salad ingredients like celery, onions, and mayonnaise tend to degrade each other when mixed and making your salad spoil easily.

You can opt for fresh frozen potato salad through freezing the potatoes and the other ingredients separately using airtight containers. When you are in a mood for a refreshing potato salad, you can toss them together from your fridge.

The Bottom Line

So, can you freeze potato salad? Yes, you can. But, preparing and freezing the salad the right away is the key to great results.

It is vital that you observe the right temperature as well as the time between the cooking and the start of the freezing process. This way, you will be able to successfully freeze your potato salad.

Also, it is ideal that you only make the amount that you can consume without leaving any leftovers. But, if you are planning to freeze your salad, you should do it right away after you have finished preparing them.

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