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How To Reheat Fried Chicken Like A Pro

how to reheat fried chicken

Undeniably, fried chicken is one of the most common foods you can either buy easily at fast food restaurants or make at home.

However, reheated fried chicken often comes as a big disappointment. The results might be too dry or not crispy enough.

If you want your fried chicken to stay tender and delicious, you should know some tips on how to reheat fried chicken.

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How To Steam Sweet Potatoes: 3 Amazing Ways

How to steam sweet potatoes

It is around 9 P.M, and you have already been hungry again. “I just had dinner 2 hours ago, and now I want to eat more. I feel like eating something sweet and soft, but it does not have to be sugar because sugar can worsen my weight while I am on a diet”.

Suddenly, you remember that you bought a package of sweet potatoes yesterday. Good idea for a night meal. Now all you care about is how to steam these sweet potatoes as best as you can.

Don’t worry! Following our tips shared in this post. You can end up enjoying very delicious steamed sweet potatoes.

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How To Reheat Tamales: 3 Tips

How to reheat tamales

You and your family are huge fans of tasty yellow tamales. Whenever you cook tamales, you cannot help making rather too many of them . Consequently, a lot of tamales remain to the day after or they might end up being tossed into the trash. “What a waste of food!”, you think.

You start to ask your friends for good ways on how to reheat tamales without losing the original flavor of hot tamales right after being cooked and their special yellow coverings. Unfortunately, your friends know nothing better than you.

Well, why do you take time asking around? Check our three following simple and easy tips; you make it your way! Good luck guys!

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