Copper Chef XL Reviews – Is this the Your Ultimate Cookware Set?

Are you looking for the ultimate pan that can replace all your other pots? The Copper Chef XL is designed to do just that.


From your stovetop to oven to your tabletop, the Copper Chef XL will outperform every time. With this pan’s great features, impressive heat distribution, and non-stick Cerami-Tech coating, you can create the healthiest dishes and let it slide right off the pan.

Copper Chef XL square pan can be used in just about any cooking method in your kitchen. That said, it can be used as a sauté pan, a steamer, a deep fryer, a slow cooker, a baker, and a roaster among others. This cookware set even comes with a fry basket that makes deep frying your favorite deep-fried foods easier and straightforward. This basket also doubles as a pasta cooker or strainer, which eliminates the need for a colander.

When you are thinking about baking or roasting, this pan works as well. You can oven roast your dishes with the Copper Chef XL square pan, as it can withstand a temperature reading of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are cooking for a large batch of food, this pan can help you out, as you can fit about 5 pounds of roast in it.

This pan’s square shape allows you to fit more food into one pan. For instance, you can fit four or more chicken breasts into this square pan instead of three or fewer ones in a round pan. That said, this pan will make it easier as well as more efficient to cook for the entire family all at once.

The Copper Chef XL pan features a stainless steel induction plate with rapid and even heat technology. With such technology, you are guaranteed that there will be no hot spots when you cook your kitchen. Your food will be cooked evenly and without any possibility of burnt parts.

With its non-stick interiors, you do not even have to use oil when you cook your food. You do not have to worry about food sticking on the pan, as your food just slides off the pan right onto your plate. For those who are interested in cooking healthy without the additional oil, this pan may just be the perfect pan for you.

This 6-in-1 copper chef cookware set includes one 11 inch casserole pan, one steamer, one fry basket, one induction cooktop, and an ultimate Copper Chef cookbook. The induction cooktop comes with five presets and features an easy to read digital display and timer.

Copper Chef XL Reviews


What We Like​

  • Extra large pan allows you to cook for the entire family
  • Designed with Cerami-Tech non-stick technology
  • Free of PTFEs or PFOAs
  • Versatile cooking pan
  • Includes several accessories like steamer, fry basket, induction cooktop and a cookbook
  • Even heat distribution, no hot spots

What We Didn't Like

  • Faulty lid and may need to be adjusted accordingly to fit the pan

The Bottom Line

The Copper Chef XL square pan set is relatively versatile and can replace your entire cookware set in the kitchen. It is large enough to cook large batches of food for the whole family.

Not just that, with its features like Cerami-Tech non-stick technology and even heat distribution, you can cook your food more healthily and efficiently. Also, it includes several accessories like a steamer, fry basket, induction cooktop and a cookbook.

If you are looking for the ultimate pan for your kitchen, the Copper Chef XL square pan set may just be the best cookware for you!

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