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We are so excited to offer a Guest Post options for other bloggers to share their wonderful knowledge with my visitors. Before submitting your content, please review the guest post guidelines below. We look forward to sharing your knowledge on Dona's Kitchen!​

Dona's Kitchen is a one-of-its-own-kind of kitchen and food blog where you will find a gamut of information related to kitchen utensils, healthy recipes, and food tips. We at Dona's Kitchen have laid out everything for food enthusiasts in the form of tips & tricks, kitchen gadgets, and their uses. All the information that is present on our website has undergone vetting.

​We are continuously looking to add informative and engaging content that intrigue our readers and also inject some useful knowledge into them. We are fully active on social media as well because we know the potential it holds within itself.

We are presenting you with a golden opportunity to associate with Dona's Kitchen. If you have an interesting piece of information related to kitchen, recipes, food tips & tricks, then draft it on a Word document along with copyright-free images or self-clicked images and send it to us via email. We will publish the article on our website with a link back to your business site (if there is any).

Contribution guidelines​

  • ​The Style of Writing: please write your posts in a friendly, informal way! Your article isn’t for a Journal in that particular field so please don’t write like it’s going to be assessed for a University/College degree!
  • Word Count: Please ensure your word count is somewhere between 1000-1500 words, no less, no more!
  • Related Content: it goes without saying, but We’ll say it anyway, your subject must be related to kitchen, recipes, food tips & tricks
  • Images: Feature at least two professional-quality photographs sized 660 pixels wide. (And they must be photographs taken BY you, not swiped from flickr, google images or a stock site.)
  • Recipe-Writing: this is a more strict type of submission but We will accept a guest recipe provided you include an original image of the finished dish and that the recipe does not appear on any other website/blog/book/copyrighted material.
  • Content: The post needs to be exclusive for my blog and not published anywhere else on the web.
  • Check It: it’s very frustrating when you sent written work that hasn’t been checked for spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes. We don’t have the time to be making these corrections for you, so re-read your posts before sending them or We won’t be in a position to publish your work.
  • Number of Links: We will allow you to include 2 outbound links. 1 link to your main URL within your BIO and 1 link URL of informative content. Please do not add any affiliate links in articles.
  • Biography: Please submit 3-4 sentence author bio and a 150×150 pixel profile photo.

The best way to submit a Guest Post would be to email me first with your suggested title/titles and We can then assess which will be the best one to write up for the blog. It will more likely be accepted this way than just sending a pre-written post.

Finally, We reserve the right to reject a post for whatever reason We find appropriate, however We will always do my best to personally explain why We don’t think it’s right for the blog. Which is why it’s always best to come to me with potential title ideas first.

Thank you for contributing!