How Many Oz In A Quart (You Should Get This Right!)

Do you want to know how many oz in a quart?

If I were you, I would seek the answer to this question. After all, knowing the conversion between these two units of measurement is crucial, especially if you are cooking.


One should know that getting the correct amount of ingredients is crucial in the creation of making delicious food. Anyone can just guess the number of ingredients that they put in the recipe. However, resorting to this approach has no assurance of yielding a succulent dish. You can try but do not expect that you can get consistent results.

Even a simple recipe, as long as it has been carefully made, can satisfy our taste buds. It is as simple as that. That's why it really pays if we have knowledge when it comes to various units that are used in measuring food.

Before anything else, I would like to emphasize that ounce is a unit that is used in the metric system, which is prevalently used in European countries. The ounce has an abbreviation of "oz."

Specifically, this unit of measure is used to assess weight, mass, and volume in a very explicit and accurate manner.

Keep in mind that most of the British-derived measurement systems, such as the U.K. and the U.S. imperial system, also includes the ounce on them. In the United States, the ounce is currently used as a standard form of measuring weight, mass, and volume. Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, the ounce was already stripped of its status as a standard form of measurement around 2000. But still, a significant number of British people still use ounce.

A quart can be classified in the U.S. measurement system into two: the quart (dry) and the quart (liquid). Of course, these two vary from one another.

At this point, you need to realize that simply stating the word "ounce" may confuse others, especially those who are adept in using them. You have to specify if its a fluid ounce or the other way around. But if it refers to cooking and bartending, then there's a good chance that the "ounce" there refers to a fluid ounce.

Fluid Ounce Into Quart (Liquid)

A fluid ounce (with an abbreviation of fl. oz.) is a unit that specifies volume. When we use the Imperial system as a basis, a single fluid ounce is equivalent to around 28.4 mi. Meanwhile, if the reference is the U.S. system, then one fluid ounce is approximately 29.6 ml of liquid once converted.

Keep in mind that one quart (liquid) is equivalent to 32 fluid ounces (U.S.). If you are using the Imperial system, one quart is around 33.31 fluid ounces. Here is a quick summary for these details.

  • One U.S. fluid ounce - 1/32 U.S. quart (liquid)
  • One U.S. quart liquid - 33.31 Imperial fluid ounces
  • One quart - 32 U.S. fluid ounces
  • One quart - 33.31 Imperial fluid ounces

Fluid Ounce Into Quart (Dry)

One U.S quart (dry) is equivalent to 37.24 U.S. fluid ounces and 38.75 fluid ounces for the Imperial measurement system. From this given data, we can say that one quart (dry) equals to 37.24 U.S. fluid ounces and 38.76 Imperial fluid ounces, respectively.

Quarts To Other Measurements

At this point, we all know already that one quart is equivalent to 32 fluid ounces. We already have a reasonable basis so that we can convert this unit to other measurements that are useful whenever for cooking, baking, and other applications in the kitchen.


If you are asking for exact figures, then you have to know that two pints are equivalent to one quart. Meanwhile, one pint can fill up two cups. Of course, one cup is equivalent to eight fluid ounces. In short, we can always return to the matter that a single quart is equal to 32 fluid ounces.


A gallon is still a unit of measurement. We often hear this term being used, even outside our kitchen.

When it comes to cooking purposes, a gallon can be converted to four quarts. Therefore, one could say that a single quart is equivalent to one-fourth of a single gallon.

If you have noticed, the name of the quart is rooted in this particular usage. Quart explicitly is a simple abbreviation of "quarter." Of course, quarter signifies one-fourth when converted to fraction, or the twenty-five percent of things.

We all know that a quart is equivalent to 32 fluid ounces. Furthermore, we are aware already that four quarts are equal to one gallon. Therefore, what we need to do is to multiply four by thirty-two. Evidently, we will get one hundred twenty-eight (128) fluid ounces.

With all the figures that we have now, we can immediately conclude that one gallon is equivalent to 8 pints or 16 cups.


Now that you know the exact conversion of the ounce to a quart and vice-versa, it would really be easy for you to get correct measurements. One way or another, this particular knowledge can help you arrive on the exact amount of ingredients that you are going to use for a particular recipe. Of course, you also need to invest in the appropriate measuring tools to make these measurements.

That's it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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