How To Cook Canned Corn – It Is That Simple!

Corn, which is considered as a vegetable with the excellent taste, is served on the cob. Nonetheless, to find the on-the-cob corn, it is not easy. Would you like to try the canned type?


Unfortunately, you do not know how to cook canned corn, right? Well, let’s consult the information below that we have spent much time to gather. It makes sure that you will be amazing. Let’s see!!!

The Corn Is Only Yellow-Colored, Right?​

In fact, apart from yellow, the corn still has other colors, in particular, white, pink, black, red, purple, and blue. Correspondingly, when purchasing the canned corn, there are many types for your options, involving,​ creamed corn, sweet yellow corn, or white corn.

The Healthy Benefits of the Corn​

How to cook canned corn

Long-forgotten corn has been considered as an important food. Not only is it used for eating but many people also utilize it as the foundation, tortillas, burritos, for example. Let’s look at what its benefits are!

  • It is rich in antioxidant. You should know that the different corns will contain the different antioxidants. For instance, the yellow type is rich in lutein, zeaxanthin, and carotenoids while the blue one contains anthocyanin antioxidants. Frequently, these antioxidants are good for the heart.
  • Corn has a rich source of fiber. This one is beneficial for your digestive system.
  • With the high fiber intake in corn, it still provides a wide range of vitamins, including, folic acid, B1, and B5. All are good for your blood sugar.

Cook Canned Corn – One Way or Another​

Cook Canned Corn on a Stove

How to cook canned corn

Let’s follow these guidelines! It makes sure that you can quickly cook canned corn on your stove.

​The necessary things:

  • Corn – a can
  • A can opener
  • A spoon
  • Salt
  • A small skillet
  • Margarine or butter
  • Pepper​


  1. Remove the lid of the can with the can opener.
  2. The liquid in the can must be drained.
  3. Mix the corn, 1-2 tsp. of butter, and a little pepper and salt in a small skillet.
  4. Simmer all the ingredients and stirs regularly.
  5. Once you recognize that the butter has completely melted, start stirring them. Then, remove the skillet from your stove.
  6. Place it on the dish and serve right away.​

Cook Canned Corn in a Microwave

How to cook canned corn

You are hurrying to fix your own dinner, right? Yes, it will not sacrifice the taste with the corn in your microwave.

​​The necessary things:

  • Corn – a can
  • A can opener
  • A bowl (it must be safe for the microwave)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Margarine or butter​


  1. ​Open the can of corn with the prepared tool – the can opener.
  2. After removing the liquid, it places the corn into the bowl.
  3. On the top of the corn, add 1-2 tsp. of margarine or butter.
  4. Don’t forget to sprinkle a little pepper and salt.
  5. Place the bowl involving these ingredients in your microwave for two minutes.
  6. It’s high time to take it from your microwave. To do that, you should utilize an oven mitt.
  7. Stir all again to ensure the corn, which is covered with the butter.
  8. Now, you can enjoy it as a hearty dish.

Cook Canned Corn in the Slow Cooker

How to cook canned corn


With a side meal, a slow cooker is really a great option. Let’s see our preferred manner to cook canned corn in your slow cooker.

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The necessary things:

  • Corn – 3 cans
  • The softened cream cheese – 1-2 oz package
  • Two eggs
  • ½ cup of sugar
  • Cream corn – one can
  • Milk – one cup
  • Corn muffin mix (8-8.5 oz) – one box
  • Seasoned salt – one tsp.
  • Bowl
  • ½ tsp. of nutmeg
  • Spoon
  • Three tbsp. of melted butter​


  1. Use the preferred cooking spray in order to spray into your slow cooker.
  2. Mix the sugar, eggs, and cream cheese in a bowl.
  3. Continue adding the corn muffin and the rest ingredients to the above mixture.
  4. Pour all into your crock pot, puts on the lid, and cooks from 2 to 4 hours at the high-temperature setting and 4 to 6 hours at the lower level.
  5. Occasionally, you should check to avoid overcooking.

Other Ways

How to cook canned corn

For the time being, have you known how to cook canned corn? Well, it is certain that you will want to utilize the canned corn for a variety of dishes.

In fact, there isn’t any limitation related to what you will add to the processing recipe with canned corn. Aside from the ways listed above, we still have other favorite manners, including,…

  • Sauté the canned corn in a small saucepan, along with sweet onions, green chilies, and olive oil. If it serves hot, it is a delicious dish.
  • Add the canned corn to the mixture, involving, tomatoes, green peppers, kidney beans, and quinoa.
  • Simple, you only need to add the sliced tomatoes and corn to the guacamole recipe​.
  • Even, to increase the taste of your soup, chowder, or chili, you can also add the canned corn.

The Last Words

Do you like our instruction on how to cook canned corn? We usually practice these recipes for the family meals. What a great it is!

Now, you have had one more recipe to process the corn dish you like. By processing it at home, you can get the optimal nutrient as desired. Let’s create a delicious dish as what you’d like to.

If you have the new recipes, don’t forget to share with us! Yes, we will also answer all your questions related to the article when you leave a comment below. Happy cooking enjoy!!!

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