How To Cook Chicken Gizzards In The Excellent Way

​You are rather afraid of eating chicken gizzards. But, they are rich in nutrients. The fat intake in chicken gizzards is pretty low. Plus, the source of protein is inexpensive, so it is really good for your growth period as well as the pregnancy.


That’s why they have gradually become a common dish for most people. Would you like to try? Well, right now, let’s see how to cook chicken gizzards! Go! Go! Go!

How to cook chicken gizzards
How to cook chicken gizzards

​It is an organ in the digestive tract of a chicken, so the responsibility of the gizzards is to grind the food. Accordingly, they are both fibrous and tough. At once, there is no special taste.

However, there are some cooking methods that you can apply to make chicken gizzards become delicious and tender. Or even, it is simply added to your other foods.

Juicy & Fork-Tender

How to cook chicken gizzards

Initially, you need to braise gizzards. Add a little pepper and salt them, then use a bottom-high-and-heavy pot to transfer them. Don’t forget to add 1-2 tbs. of olive oil. If desired, you can also utilize a cooking spray – it is okay.

To make the right browning, sauté chicken gizzards in the small batches. To add a quantity of braising fluid enough to cover the whole ingredients, you are able to choose water, broth, or stock.

On the other hand, if you want to use an acid, wine or vinegar will be a great option. To increase the flavor, you might give priority to spices and herbs.

It’s high time to simmer them. Remember to cover the lid. Cook over a low heat within one hour and a half to two hours. Finally, serve right away. You have had a hearty dish.

Slow-Cooking for Busy Days

How to cook chicken gizzards

For the busy and lazy days, slow-cooking chicken gizzards is really a smart option .

In your slow-cooker, you only need to add chicken gizzards rinsed cleanly, your favorite veggies, spices, pepper, herbs, salt, sodium stock with a small quantity, and a little olive oil.

Cover the lid and set the lowest level. It makes sure that the texture of chicken gizzards are entirely tenderized through the process of cooking at the low heat within 6-8 hours.

Sizzling succulence

How to cook chicken gizzards

It is known that chicken gizzards quickly get caramelized in oil, so it will be difficult to make them tender when leaving your pan.

Correspondingly, you need to tenderize them by soaking them from 1 to 2 days in buttermilk unless you can parboil them for fifteen minutes before you decide to deep-try​ or pan-sear the gizzards.

The first, dredge chicken gizzards in the flour if your option is to deep-fry them. Inevitably, you choose to pan-sear chicken gizzards, right? Well, it recommends that you ought to use a highly-smoked point oil, vegetable oil, canola oil, for example. 

Barbecued & baked

The baked and barbecued pieces of chicken gizzards will be an ideal appetizer for those who love the baked dishes.

Cut the chicken gizzards in half so as to bake them. Add a little season such as herbs, salt, spices, and pepper. Don’t forget to add a drizzle of olive oil. Then, bake them at the ​ 500oF temperature from 25-30 minutes or until brown and golden.

To increase the flavor of chicken gizzards, before baking, add a bit of barbecue sauce to the top of gizzards. Serve right away when they are cooked. A warm dish is waiting for you. It is not bad for an outdoor party, isn’t it?

​The Taste of Gizzards – How?

being muscles, chicken gizzards are small meaty morsels with certain nutrients. Basically, they do not have special sell. Simply, they are known as a delightful dish that you can serve with tangy sauce.

Exactly, gizzards are one of miscellaneous chicken parts, which are considered to be the giblets,​ including the heart, neck, liver, and kidneys.

Nonetheless, not many people know its real value. The majority of them throws them away. But, in fact, this organ is nutritional and will be able to become a delicious dish once you know how to cook chicken gizzards.

​Cleaning Chicken Gizzards

How to cook chicken gizzards

Initially, chill chicken gizzards in ice water. Place them on your cutting board so that the intestine openings face up. Cut them with a sharp knife. Don’t cut via their membrane. You Only need to slice it open a bit.

You will open the emptied contents of the gizzards and rinse them under cold water. Let’s ensure that you entirely rinsed the sand and dirt from your gizzards.

In the spitted position of the gizzard, you start sliding your thumbnails in order to take the fat cover away. Keep in mind, it has to remove the whole fat cover.

Continuously, slice off any remaining fat as well as the gristle on the end of chicken gizzards.

​The Last Words

It is certain that you will not throw chicken gizzards away after reading our article? Well, you can easily process them as a delicious and nutritious dish as long as you know how to cook chicken gizzards.

It does not take much time and effort, but you quickly get a hearty dish. So, why don’t you try? We tried them and recognized that its taste does not lose any foods. What a healthy it is!

Let’s share with us if you know other methods to cook chicken gizzards as well don’t forget to leave a comment below for any questions. We will answer all. Good delicious!!!

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