How To Cook Fresh Kielbasa Perfectly: Recipes Regarding

It is true that Polish food is always rich in nutrients that contribute to the betterment of health. Each dish leaves a distinct impression for diners. And the Kielbasa is one of them.


Kielbasa is a famous sausage in Eastern Europe and some countries such as Poland, Ukraine and so on. Made from pork, garlic, pepper, salt, sugar and a traditional Polish horseradish, Kielbasa owns a distinctive and unmistakable aroma.

Although international food lovers are very familiar with such sausage, how to cook fresh Kielbasa is still an unanswered wondering. So, it is the reason for some recipes below.

How to cook Kielbasa

Boiling the sausage

It is one of the easiest ways to prepare a delicious breakfast, lunch or even dinner since you only need to get a pot of water and a sausage packet.


  • Sausages (about two) (Click here for sausage stuffer reviews)
  • water and spices
  • namely
  • chili sauce
  • chili sauce
  • mayonnaise

With the oven​

Boil the water in a pot which is large enough for all the sausages

The water level must be about a few centimeters from the top of the container’s mouth to the content’s surface. Hence, it will not flow out when you put the sausages insides.

Put the sausages into the pot

It is necessary for the cook not to dump all at the same time to avoid splashing water.

Boil the sausages in six minutes

In fact, sausages are always under a pre-preparation; however, it will be a deal better if cooked thoroughly. So, such time is enough for the Kielbasa to become hot and not to crack as well. And the time will be 1-2 minutes longer with more sausages in need.

With a microwave oven​

Fill a half of a bowl with water

You had better make sure about the bowl size which fits that of the oven and two sausages you have already prepared. Moreover, a glass or plastic bowl are available for the process.

Make some diagonal cuts onto the sausage’s surface

By this way, the casting package layer will not worsen afterward.

Keep the time about one minute at the medium-high temperature level

Then, you check whether the sausages reach the state of well-done. If they have not, you cook approximately thirty seconds longer.

The flavor improvement​

During the process of cooking the Kielbasa, people create some techniques to boost the best taste of the dishes. And here they are.

#1: Adding spices into water before boiling

Cooked sausages with water are also very delicious, but if you add spices, the taste of dishes will be stronger. You can add 0.5 teaspoons of salt if you like salty sausage. Also, try the following spices before turning off the stove:

  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder​
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Italian spice mixture
  • 1/4 teaspoon of Cayenne Chili
#2: Pouring the beer into water

Beer brings a better taste to the sausages. It will be the perfect choice if you like the taste of beer. Just pour a whole bottle of beer into the water instead of a cup of filtered water. In case, you want to experiment, try different beers. For example, Pale Ale will provide a different flavor to the dark beer.

This method can be available for all types of sausages, but boiled sausage is the best.

#3: Putting garlic cloves into water

Add from one to two garlic cloves to the boiling water to make the sauce. You also do not need to peel the garlic.

Frying the sausage


Before frying, it is better to poach the sausages for about eight minutes and then drain them. Hence, you can avoid the burning of the dish so far. People usually grill the Kielbasa. But such way may cause some blisters outside the sausages which are bitter then. So, an anti-stick pan seems to be ideal.

Step 1

It is possible for you to keep the original shape of the Kielbasa when cooking. However, with the purpose of saving time, it will be a deal better to split it vertically.

Step 2

Only a little oil can be available to apply to the pan to limit the fatty flavor. Waiting for the oil to heat, you place the sausages in the pan. You should not set up the high-temperature, and it is just about the medium-level instead so that the sausages can reach the well-done state.

Step 3

After picking the sausage out of the pan, you take use of the absorbent paper to remove fat from them. Finally, the dish is ready for the meal.

The soup of Kielbasa along with potatoes and cabbage


While many diners prefer to enjoy the Kielbasa with its original taste by boiling or frying, others fall in love with various dishes which are the creation from the fresh Kielbasa. And the Kielbasa soup with potatoes and cabbage is an example.


  • Main ingredients: Kielbasa (1.25 pounds), potato (1 pound), cabbage (0.5), chicken stock (4 cups)​
  • Sub-ingredients: Celery (2), coriander (0.5 tbsp.), carrot (2), garlic (2 cloves), onion (1), nutmeg (a few), beer (a large cup), tomato puree (2 cups), dill (3 tsp. for fresh and 1.5 tsp. for dried), parsley and lemon (0.5)
  • Spices: Allspice (0.5 tsp.), paprika (1 tbsp.), oil (2 tbsp.), black pepper, salt


  • Heat the pan with oil at the medium-high level and the brown the diced fresh Kielbasa.​
  • Get rid of fat from the sausages after frying.
  • Keep the pan on the oven and add the contents including potato, carrot and herbs insides. The time for cooking is about five or six minutes.
  • After that add the cabbage along with beer and nutmeg.
  • Put the chicken stock as well as tomato puree and the Kielbasa, then wait for 15 minutes.


It is not much challenging to find out how to cook fresh Kielbasa these days. Many sources are guiding the food lovers to prepare impressive dishes with such type of Polish sausage. And it is ideal for you to create the recipes by yourself with the fresh Kielbasa.​

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