How To Keep Bagels Fresh: Pro Tips That You Need To Know

Bagels have always been a special type of food that a lot of people fall in love with. With a crispy crust on the outside and a chewy flavor on the inside, they have a very different flavor from other kinds of bread.


However, many home cooks as well as housewives still buy them without understanding how special they are and the maximum time to keep them. Therefore, in this article today, I will show you how to keep bagels fresh. You will not have to waste money on dumping stale bagels anymore.

how to keep bagles fresh

​What you need to follow this article

​To keep bagels for up to 5 days

  • ​Paper bags or plastic bags (with airtight seal)
  • A pantry or cupboard

To keep bagels for longer than 5 days

  • ​Plastic bags (with airtight seal) or aluminum foil
  • A fridge

How to keep bagels fresh?

​There are two common methods to maintain the quality of bagels and they depend on how long you want to keep them. We will look at each method one by one.

To keep bagels for up to 5 days

how to keep bagles fresh

If you don’t plan to keep your bagels for a long time and often consume them over a day or at the maximum of 5 days, this method will be what you need.

Step 1: Put your bagels into a paper bag or a plastic bag

Step 2: Press the bag from the bottom to the top to remove all the air out of it. Be careful not to crush your bagels.

Step 3: Seal the bag

Step 4: Place the bag in a pantry or cupboard at room temperature. Remember to keep it somewhere dry and avoid direct sunlight. Otherwise, your bagels will get soggy.

To keep bagels for longer than 5 days

how to keep bagles fresh

This method is appropriate for you when you go travel for a long time, have a day-long road trip or picnic, or love bagels and often buy them for a whole or 2 to 3 months.

Step 1: Put your bagels into a paper bag or use aluminum foil to wrap them

Step 2: Press the bag or foil from the bottom to the top to remove all the air out of it. Be careful not to crush your bagels

Step 3: Seal the bag. If you use aluminum foil, make sure that you cover all the bagels and let no air penetrate into them.

Step 4: Attach a label to the container. You can note down the day that you store them in your fridge. So, you will not forget to eat them before they go stale.

Step 5: Store them in your fridge. Bagels are quite fragile so you should place them in some shelf that you don’t often put other foods in. The top of the fridge is an excellent place because other foods will not be placed above the bagels and crush them.

One tip for you when storing bagels in the fridge is to let them cool down first. Then, you put them in plastic bags or aluminum foil. If they are still hot when being placed in your fridge, they will get soggy and low temperature will crush them.

​Eventually, you will not feel any crispy flavor anymore when eating it.

How to defrost your bagels in a right way?

Normally, the best way is to leave them at room temperature within half to one hour before serving. You will be able to maintain their freshness and crispy taste. Besides, their flavor will be as natural as possible.

In another case, if you don’t have time, just take advantage of your oven. Put your bagels into the oven and turn it on for about 10 seconds. Remember not to remove them out of the bag or aluminum foil yet. The entire cover of the bagels will be ruined.

After that, allow the bagels to rest for 30 seconds and continue defrosting within another 10 seconds. If you feel that they are completely thawed and you can consume them, take them out of the bag. Otherwise, just keep repeating the steps until they reach the flavor you want.

What to do to have the most delicious bagels ever?

  • You can cut the bagels into small pieces before putting them in a fridge. They will fit in your toaster more easily if you decide to bake them after defrosting.
  • Cutting bagels is not as simple as you think. Various people cut their finger while doing so. Therefore, be careful and choose a suitable knife. Holding the bagels firmly slicing them with a sharp knife are the most recommended methods.
  • The most appropriate temperature to thaw bagels is 325 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The best spreads to serve with bagels are pate, jam, melted chocolate, or cream cheese.
  • Using a microwave to defrost your bagels is not a good idea. It will dehydrate them. An oven, toaster oven, or toaster will be the best tools to warm up them.
  • Unless you want to suffer from stomachache, don’t keep the bagels longer than the recommended period. Those which are kept in bags at room temperature can be stored within 5 days top. And those which are kept in the fridge can last for up to 3 months.

Whatever you do, just remember that if you keep them for too long, they will go rancid.

To sum up..

Have you found out how to keep bagels fresh?

I hope my methods satisfy you and your family will have the most flavorful meals in a few next weeks. If you have any questions that you would like to ask or want to share your experiences, don’t be shy to comment under this article.

Moreover, if you think the information that I provide is useful, you can share it with your friends or anyone that it will help. I’m sure they will love it like you do. Regardless, thank you for reading my article and I will come back in my other writings.

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