How to use a smoker box on a gas grill

Grilling is a favorite past time for many households. In this piece, we would be teaching you how to use a smoker box with a gas grill. Although gas grills are convenient and modern, many people love the taste of food grilled over a wooden fire. In comes smoke boxes that have been so designed to work with gas grills.


There are so many types of smoker boxes, different sizes, and capacities. You could go through available listings online or visit a local store to pick up one for your grill. You should also enquire if it is advisable to use grill boxes on your present grill. Naturally, the boxes are used over gas grills to produce smoke which is then used to grill food.

In this post, we would be discussing the smoke box. How to use it, how it works and other important attributes of the box. We have divided it into sections so you can easily find the information you need. We hope that by the end of this article, you would have all the knowledge you need to start using a smoke box.

How does a smoker box work?

How does a smoker box work?

It is a metallic box that conducts heat to wood chips to enable them to produce smoke. The box has a sealed bottom which prevents the wood chips from catching fire. The upper part of the box has holes to let out the smoke. The wood chips can be replaced when the ones inside are burnt out. You can always adjust and the temperature of your grill to control the smoker box.

Pay close attention to your grill while preparing the box. Ensure the temperature doesn't go high enough to cause a fire. Bigger smoke boxes would naturally be able to hold more food items than smaller ones. Try to work with the available space. Also, remember to grill in an open space so that you do not choke from all the smoke. Proper ventilation is key.

The box is made of metallic body. The heat applied to the box is transferred to the wood inside. This triggers a reaction that leads to the wood producing smoke when heated to the right temperature. Simply put, The box uses heat to create a controlled wooden fire on a gas grill. Ensure that you get your wood bits from trusted sources.

Wood bits are used when grilling because it is known to give a natural seasoning to food. Using them for grilling purposes would unlock a new wave of sensation when grilling. Using a smoke box to grill gives so much flexibility. The natural flavor of the wood combined with the easy to use a gas grill.

Using a smoker box

Most high-end gas grills come packaged with a smoker box. Using a smoker box makes grilling convenient and smooth. If your grill doesn't come packaged with one, get an external one. To effectively use a smoker box you would need some wood chips. Ensure that you set up your grill in a safe area to prevent any accidents.
First, put your smoker box close to the sort of heat. It is better to place it directly on your grill burner. Add some wood chips to the grill. Some people prefer to soak their wood bits in water to prevent fires during use. Dry wood chips tend to catch fire during use. For best results, soak the wood for about half an hour.

Wet wood chips take a longer time to start creating smoke. If you are in a hurry and do not have much time, it is advisable to use dry ones instead. Once the wood chips start producing smoke, wait for the smoker box to get hot and produce smoke.

Shut the grill lid, while you wait for the box to get warm. To speed up this step, increase the burners to the highest temperature. When the box starts producing smoke, reduce the intensity to a temperature you find comfortable. If you are going to increase the temperature, pay attention to the grill so the box doesn't overheat.

You can now put your food on the grates. Smoking meat requires some time and a stable low temperature. Avoid placing your meat directly above the burner, put it on burners which are off. You could consider pairing your smoker box with a vertical propane smoker. Works magic!


Using wood to grill your meat or food, in general, is great as it brings natural taste. Remember to follow safety precautions in order to prevent any incidents. One way to prevent accidents is by using wet wood instead of dry ones (although wet wood takes a long time to smoke). If you have an older gas grill, you should consider upgrading your grill to enjoy using your smoker box.

Using just your gas grill may never allow you to achieve the flavor that could be achieved using a wood or charcoal smoker. If you are particular about flavor, it is therefore paramount that you get a smoker box that can assist in giving you the feel of a wood smoker but with the convenience of a gas grill.

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Some individuals say they prefer using a propane smoker to a gas grill as they prepare the heating process. It really just boils down to choice. Good hygienic habits are also recommended before and after the use of your gas grill and smoker box. Clean them both before and after use and store them in a safe dry place.

If you have no smoker box, you could get one for your gas grill or upgrade to a grill that comes with one. There are different brands of gas grills available and you should check them out. You could also consider switching to alternatives such as a propane smoker. We hope this piece has been helpful to you. You should share this article with those who may need it. Stay grilling!

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