Meat Suppliers in Dubai: 10 Tips to Finding the Best One

The food industry in UAE comprises several sectors, including bakery, bottled water, dairy, dessert, meat, refined sugar and vegetable oil products. According to statistics, 47 percent of their national sector is involved in the food industry. About 57 percent of their investments go to this particular industry. The demand for food products continues to rise, which is why they continue to import products for local consumption.


In this industry, meat products’ growth is at a steady rate, according to experts, and they attribute it to the local’s buying capacity. Their food and beverage industry thrives from locals as well as tourists looking for a fine dining experience. Many Dubai restaurants feature local as well as international cuisines, and surely, meat dishes are one of the favorites of their regulars.

If you belong to the food and beverage industry, and you’ve been looking for meat suppliers in Dubai, here’s a helpful guide to finding the best one:

Get recommendations. You should be aware of who belongs in the same industry as you are. List down the famous restaurants in Dubai that you can think of, then reach out to them individually. Ask them where they’re getting their supply of meat and ask what you can learn about the company. Apart from famous restaurants, you can also visit eateries where you love the quality of meat they serve, and ask about their meat supplier.

Go online. It’s one of the most convenient ways you can do to find a meat supplier in Dubai. There are tons you’ll find online, so choose the one nearest you. Search for wholesale meat suppliers that are nearest to your area and narrow down your list to three. Find out everything you can about your prospective supplier, and don’t forget to read reviews about them.

Pay a visit. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, it’s time to pay them a visit. This is necessary because you can’t simply trust everything you see or hear. They may have good feedback from their regular customer, or you may have read a good review about them, but that shouldn’t be enough to make them your final choice. Visiting their farm will help you discover their processes and the quality of their products.

Ask about their history. Learning about their history is very helpful in deciding whether they’re the right one for you. This may mean asking them about their knowledge in meat handling and processing or how long they’ve been in the business. If they have stayed in the food and beverage industry of Dubai for many years, this means they are able to prove their competency and trustworthiness, which are qualities you want to be looking for in a supplier.

Discover their packaging process. Packaging is very important for every product, and whilst most companies make sure they have great packaging, this doesn’t give you the assurance that everything behind the scenes went well. You can find it out for yourself by asking how the process is done for the packaging. Find out how long the meat is packaged after they get butchered. This will give you an idea of how fresh their products are when delivered to the market.

Check out their facilities and equipment. If you’re visiting a farm, don’t forget to check out the equipment or facility they’re using to produce and pack meat. They should have enough space to accommodate all their products, and they should be properly operated. Are their freezers working well? Are their refrigerators spacious enough? Are they at the right temperature? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you gauge if they doing their responsibilities as suppliers.

Assess the cleanliness of their work area. Once you’re in the farm or building to visit, make an assessment of how they practice cleanliness in their work space. Every area should be spotless because they’re handling meat products. You don’t want to partner with a supplier that has sanitation issues. Apart from the work area, you can also assess the cleanliness of their workers in terms of hygiene.

Learn about their license as a supplier. Food companies in Dubai are provided with rules and regulations that they must adhere to. They must comply with all these regulations to make sure they’re only providing quality products to the market. If your prospective is fully licensed, then you’re rest assured that they’re following the guidelines set for their specific industry.

Ask for sample products. Many meat suppliers in Dubai allow their customers to take samples of their products before buying. This gives their clients the opportunity to really check the quality of their products. If you have the sample in hand, check out for the firmness of the meat. Firmness equals freshness. Also check for the color. Beef should have a cherry or dark red color while pork and chicken should have pink color. 

Learn about their after-sales service. What makes a good supplier stand out from the rest of the competition is their after-sales service. Some have the best quality meat products but provide poor after-sales service, so you have to be aware of this. Find a supplier who not only delivers quality products but also provides assistance after deliveries at a timely manner.

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