Try These Smokers To Add A Delicious, Smoky Flavor To Your Home Cooking


Camping or outdoor barbeque parties are a great tradition to rejoice some quality time with your family. Chilly winter night and fish smokers are the best combinations. Do your family want smoked fish for a get-together and all you offer is pan-fried fish cutlets? Do not worry there are many smokers available in the market that will serve your needs. From fish to veggies to meat you can give a smoky touch to all your dishes.

You will find a wide range to decide on, and it is tough to analyze all these varieties and choose the best for you.

Here is the solution to this problem, in this blog you will find a variety of smokers according to your need and kitchen space as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Charcoal smokers

Charcoal smokers have a lot of varieties from Miniature 14inch smokey mountain cooker to tough Cuisinart COS-118. Charcoal cooking was a part of our history and was widely cherished before the innovative invention of LPG.

The food cooked in the charcoal cooker has a slightly rustic aroma that is used in many British and Indian originated cuisines. The charred taste is the trademark of this cooker. This cooking procedure is known as raw and rough cooking techniques.


To start with charcoal cooking all you will need is dry wood. Ignite them and let the temperature go up to 1000°F. After the wood is burnt you will find charcoals. These charcoal are the reason for the smoky flavor.


  • Charcoal smokers are the best for maintaining the smoky charred flavor.
  • You will have a lot of options to choose from. As it comes in all shapes and sizes.
  • Charcoal cooking also has some health benefits. It releases nitrogen oxide and enhances the taste.
  • This smoker is best for cooking salmon.


  • Charcoal smokers are very hard to operate and time-consuming. You need to keep all your senses in the active phase while cooking in a charcoal cooker. If you are a sloth bear then you should probably avoid a charcoal cooker.
  • It needs a lot of maintenance after cooking. Charcoal cookers have ash and other burnt things that consume extra cleaning time.

2. Gas smokers

Gas smokers are commonly known as LPG Smokers. This type of smokers generally uses liquified petroleum gas for cooking food.

They are easily available and can be refilled even at gas stations, So this is known as the ideal cooker for events like hiking, camping, etc. For getting the low-key smoky aroma, add up some wood chips. They do not naturally produce smoke and ash. These are the best fish smokers for people who don't have much time for cooking fish.


  • Gas smokers and LPG stoves are the same. If you cook in LPG stove then the Gas smoker will become your best friend.
  • Gas smoker runs of LPG or propane gas. It is effortlessly available.
  • You can easily regulate the temperature and it is easier to operate than a charcoal fish smoker.
  • The gas smoker will cook the food in very little time compared to charcoal cookers. It is the most convenient appliance if you don't have time in your hand.


  • Gas cookers do generate some chemical gas that adds up to the flavor of the food. This is a huge drawback of the Gas smoker, they make every food taste the same.
  • You always have to keep a bottle of extra fuel because the gas smoker does consume a lot of gas. Before starting the smoker keep the fuel tank full.

3. Electric smokers

Electric smokers are the best lazy day solution. You don't need to worry about fire breakout or fuel overused. These are the lowest maintenance appliances and save you from many accidents.

Using an electric fish smoker is tension-free labor, all you need to do is set up the temperature manually and then enjoy your evening like everyone.


  • The electric smoker is the safest appliance for a newbie. An intro cook can use this smoker without prior experience.
  • This smoker works on electricity, so u don't need to worry about over fuel consumption.
  • Some advanced quality smokers can also be left unattended, all you need to do is to watch out the water bowl and fill up when needed.


  • The electric Fish smoker is unavailable to offer smoky charred meat because it does not involve combustion.
  • An electric cooker is best for cooking moist fleshy food such as fish, dairy products, and veggies. But it is not the best smoker for cooking crispy chicken or anything that needs to have a crispy outer layer.

Smokers are very easy to source outings and barbeque parties. So owning a smoker can save you from the extra work.

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