What Does Sushi Taste Like? All You Need To Know

Sushi is so familiar with everyone. It is famous and delivers the best of Japanese foods in it. The chef often takes a lot of time learning and practicing to present a good looking and tasty sushi plate. Each type of sushi has a different taste and flavor. That is why every time you ask someone the question “Hey, what does sushi taste like?”, the answers you receive are variant.


Furthermore, not everyone can explain exactly the meaning of sushi in Japanese and the ingredients that sushi is made from. This article shall provide all of this information.

What does sushi taste like

​Main Types of Sushi

Before I get down to the detailed explanation about What does sushi taste like?, I will share something about the well-known and delicious sushi to you.

Sushi in Japanese means the rice. It shows no relevance to the ingredients included inside a rolling sushi. To make a tasty sushi, the rice must be good and sticky enough to shape an elegant sushi. The rice is often seasoned with vinegar, sugar, and salt. I must say that without a well-seasoned and well-cooked rice, your sushi is nothing.

There are many types of sushi, and I strongly recommend that you should try them all. I shall list them here and go into details step by step:

  • ​Maki sushi
  • Nigiri sushi
  • Chirashi sushi
  • Inari sushi
  • Oshi sushi

Maki sushi

What does sushi taste like

Maki sushi is widely known by almost all of us. The first thing we can tell about sushi is Maki sushi. Like a normal sushi, Maki sushi is wrapped in seaweed. “Maki” means “rolling,” so Maki sushi means “rolled sushi.”Of course, the ingredients inside the Maki sushi is your choice. The size of Maki sushi also ranges from small, medium to larger ones.

The Japanese enjoy sushi quite often. . Sushi, in general, is said to be good for your health thanks to the seaweed and appropriate calories it provides to your body.

Nigiri Sushi

What does sushi taste like

Nigiri sushi, in my opinion, is the most ever delicious and elegant sushi. You cannot help eating this sushi immediately. Looking at this Nigiri sushi makes us feel a good appetite for foods. This kind of sushi is made primarily from fish and seafood. The chef uses his hands to press the rice into rectangle shapes and cover the rice with slices of tuna, shrimp or octopus, etc. Nigiri sushi, then, is placed on a long plate.

Chirashi Sushi

What does sushi taste like

Chirashi sushi in Japanese means “Scattered Sushi.”Ingredients, instead of being included inside the rice, are cut into smaller parts and placed into a bowl. Often, there are9 main ingredients to create Chirashi Sushi, varying in Japanese homes. However, fish is not placed into this Chirashi sushi.

Inari Sushi

What does sushi taste like

The appearance of Inari sushi is more like tofu with a yellow cover outside and filled with the rice. This kind of sushi is not too familiar with us, and from my point of view, it is not appealing and elegant as Nigiri Sushi. Typically, there is only rice in this sushi, but you can add ingredients if you like.

Oshi Sushi

What does sushi taste like

This shape of Oshi Sushi is different and easy to recognize for us. It is pressed by hands in a mold to create a shape of a box. There are often more than 3 layers of rice and ingredients combined to make Oshi sushi. For this reason, Oshi sushi looks beautiful and appealing from the outside. The first layer is the rice; the second one is vegetables, next one is fish and then the rice again.

You can add anything you like to make your Oshi sushi colorful and attractive to your kids.

What does sushi taste like?

Now that you have obtained yourself five main types of sushi in Japan. Each one has different flavors depending on the ingredients included inside. For example, if you like fish and you add more fish than shrimp or octopus into your sushi, your sushi would have a fresh and sweet taste of fish. If you prefer the softer rice, your sushi will be stickier. On the other hands, it can be drier.

However, the first bite shall create the most impressive memory of the sushi taste. The topping of sushi shall deliver the most flavor. For those who start to eat sushi, tuna or salmon might not be a good choice as the fishy taste might make them feel sick. Sushi shouldn’t have overbearing flavor. It is much better for you to taste the rice, seasonings, and ingredients in equal balance.

If you get out of a sushi restaurant and say this to your friend “I must say the tuna is the best in the sushi, I don’t like the rice” well then your sushi is not made properly. So, the neutral flavor can be a good thing for you to begin. You can slowly taste the rice and then the flavor of the toppings. Once you get used to sushi, nothing can stop you from loving it.

​To sum up

I must confess that I love all Japanese foods, especially sushi, irrespective of what types. The way sushi is presented on a plate is an art that you cannot deny. The flavor is also a plus. Eating sushi is the best idea to have a good understanding of Japanese culture. Sushi represents the carefulness, elegance, hard-working spirit and wonderful cooking art mindsets from the Japanese.

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Why don’t you taste all types of Japanese sushi and then try to make your sushi by yourself?

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